The Classifieds - Lost and Found

elmira, nyLost: Small black, white, and tan beagle hound. Crooked legs. Phone 2483.

Lost: Six dollars yesterday morning on Market Street. Reward.

Lost: EFA class pin 1910. Initials L. C. B. Reward. 308 East Water St.

Lost: From hat, bird’s head, red and green. Reward at Gartlan’s Millinery Store.

Will the small boy who took the socks and sandals from the sand pile in Grove Park return them to 253 W Sixth St.

Lost: Oct. 18, 1919 between Elmira Heights and Troy, PA by way of Corning, large framed group picture of nurse and hospital attendants. Reward. Address N-19.

Lost: June 11, White slip, blue bed jacket. Reward.

Lost: If the party who was seen and known to have taken money from 412 Realty Bldg. Friday noon, returns money, she will avoid trouble.

Lost: Brown dog, white feet. Name “Mike.” Call 936.

Lost: Between new dormitory and Front Street or College Ave - box containing microscope Return to Mr. Tucker 223 Front St.

Lost: Black and white cocker spaniel dog, answers to the name of “Midget.” Please return to 410 Maple Ave.

Lost: From pasture of Jenkins Farm. Sorrel mare 7 years old weight 1050 lbs. Black spot on right hind hip. $25 reward if returned to 313 Horner Street.

Lost: On South Main Street, very large striped tiger cat answers to “Tramp” or “Dutch.” Reward 126 S. Main.

Lost: At Eldridge park, 28-inch taffeta umbrella with white ivory ring. Reward Miss E. I. Clark 149 State St, Auburn, NY.

Lost: A Masonic watch charm, 32nd degree and chain, between United Cigar Store and Masonic Temple, return to 119 Madison Ave. Reward.

Lost: Pet monkey from Baden-Baden. Liberal reward. Call 392-J.

Lost: Lower set of false teeth. Reward: Fred Ferris 34 Gould St.

Lost: Will the person who attended a church supper last Thursday evening, and who took the wrong hat, please exchange it for his own. Phone 4729.

Lost: Sum of money. Saturday noon by poor working boy. Phone 2019.

Lost: 20-gauge shotgun on West Water Street. Return to W. Morgan 148 West Water Street.

Lost: On Halloween between Penn Yan and Dundee - skunk fur neck scarf. Notify or return to 663 Davis St.

Lost: Blue Parakeet. Horseheads. Answers to “George.”

Lost: Smith-Corona portable typewriter. Left on curb at College & Thurston. Reward. Call Mrs. Fleming RE3-2206. Weekdays.

Found: A bundle of meat. Call 2-0696.

Lost: Package containing scissors, thimble. Tuesday, business section. Dial 9505. Reward.

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