Local Native American Place Names
in New York and Pennsylvania
from "Aboriginal Place Names of New York"

Awega - now Owego
Canisteo or Kanisteo - "board on water"
Cayuga - named for the tribe "Kihuga"
Chemung - or Shumounk, Skeemunk, Shamunk - Delaware (Algonquin) for "big horn" or "horn in the water" also could be French Chamonaque
Chequaga - as in Chequaga Falls
Cohocton - "trees in the water"
Conongue - same as Chemung
Cowanesque meaning "overrun with briars"
Diohoga - now Tioga - meaning "at the forks," describing a meeting place
Kanaweola or Canaweola- meaning "head on a pole"
Keuka - Iroquois work meaning "canoe"
Seneca - named for the tribe
Shenango - now Chenango - meaning "large bull-thistle."
Susquehanna - Algonquin word meaning "muddy current"
Painted Post
Tioga - "at the meeting of the waters"
Towanda meaning "burial ground"
Wesauking - "place of good canoeing" or "let's go canoeing"
Welawanung - now Wilawana
Wysox - "grape vines"
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